Usage and Policies

Consulting Policy

It is recognized that consulting activities (non-state business related activities) in many instances may serve to enhance the reputation and professional knowledge of MPCF faculty. In cases where faculty or staff seek to use MPCF facilities for consulting purposes, the following steps are expected to be followed:

(i) Consult with MPCF technical staff regarding the project and facilities it will make use of. Then prepare an application for use of MPCF facilities including all necessary information needed for the MPCF Director or Associate Director to make a decision on approval. 

(ii) Secure written permission to do so from the MPCF Director or Associate Director, including approximate start date and end date and description of the nature of such usage. This is accomplished by submitting a web-based test proposal. During the submission, the Consulting option should be selected. The approval process is accomplished through the MPCF Management System. Notification of either approval or rejection of test proposal and permission to use facility for consulting activity is made by email.

(iii) Ensure that all training guidelines which apply to the project are met.

(iv) Payment is made by check to the Georgia Tech Foundation, specifying MPCF account. Cost is based on guidelines established in the MPCF Usage & Policies. The specific amount can be determined after the test proposal has been received, since it provides necessary details (number and type of tests, level of technical staff support, specific M&S, …) needed to determine cost. The cost estimate can be determined during the approval process if sufficient details on the test proposal are provided.

The facilities of the MPCF may not be used for consulting work that has no clear prospect of enhancing the professional development of the involved faculty, or that may be deemed as constituting standard experiments with no intrinsic research-related value that may instead be performed by private industrial testing/characterization companies. This assessment will be made by the Director or Associate Director upon application. Students are not permitted to use MPCF facilities for their own consulting arrangements.

Neglecting to submit a request to use of facilities for consulting purposes and provide financial support for the activity as appropriate may constitute grounds for limitation on use of the facilities for future research. Consequences of misuse of equipment in conduct of consulting are defined in current Institute guidelines.