Usage and Policies

Make a Request to Use MPCF Equipment

To get started, the user who needs to conduct the experiments or requires a test program to be conducted should submit a test proposal using our online submission system.  Ideally, the Test Proposal should be submitted well in advance of the desired dates (> 1 month) of usage, carefully outlining the proposed test matrix as well as all equipment and instrumentation needs. Users requesting MPCF access for Capstone Design Projects should read these guidelines in addition to the information below.

As part of the submission package, the documentation of the details of the proposed test plan is requested and can be uploaded during the submission process.  The following information is requested:

  • number of tests/specimens
  • types of tests (e.g., tensile, bending, torsion, fatigue)
  • material to be tested
  • specimen type and dimensions
  • maximum expected loads (i.e., force and/or torque)

As needed, please include

  • test standard that is to be followed (e.g., ASTM or ISO standard)
  • specimen drawings with dimensions
  • gripping method
  • type of test system desired
  • extensometry needs
  • control mode
  • control rate
  • waveform
  • temperature
  • environment
  • output desired

If you are unsure about what to include in the test proposal, it would be helpful to consult with the MPCF Research Engineer before submitting. In addition, users may find the following templates helpful: